American companies exporting to ZTE was banned last month for seven years, but Taiwanese government permitted MediaTek for the same. As a refresher, the ban was based on the American government who stated that ZTE failed to comply with a settlement regarding shipping goods to Iran.

The official was quoted saying, “We fully understand high-tech factories’ characteristic of fast-paced shipments of goods, we won’t create obstacles for the pace of their exports. Taiwan’s government has its own control mechanisms, which is independent of the way the U.S. looks at it in a given situation. The mechanism will consider America and other advanced countries’ controls.”

After the ban was issued, Taiwan provided the opening to its companies for applying for the permission. Last week, MediaTek received the export permit for shipping products to ZTE. This was confirmed by an official representing the country’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, who added that several other tech companies have applied for the permit as well.

According to the official, the permission will provide the domestic companies with exporting goods to the firms that are on the watch list of the government. He did not disclose the names of the other companies that applied but mentioned that Nanya Technology Corp isn’t one of those.