It has been often seen that the IT companies struggle to find a good technology management guide which will actually understand how to move workloads with minimal disruption. One critical challenge is access to high-performance, scalable and shared file-systems.

But the breezy time has come for the IT companies to manage their data, store and transfer information. It is because Google has announced its partnership with NetApp, including the private preview of NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With the help of NetApp Cloud Volumes, the Google users will get a fully-managed, cloud-native file storage service integrated with GCP. In the recent times, NetApp not only tied up the venture with Google but also similar deals were made with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

In order to run new and existing workloads, NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform has been designed to make work easier for both the companies’ joint customer.

So everything has got easy now from application scalability to the increase in developer productivity. Now the companies will benefit in many ways while migrating their workloads to the cloud and also while managing the cloud-native file storage services.

NetApp Cloud Volumes can deliver:

  • NetApp’s robust management features in the cloud – the users will be able to sync datasets automatically, take snapshots of their data, and create full copies of their datasets in a very limited time.
  • Tight integration with GCP for a seamless experience – this helps to manage Cloud Volumes in the cloud console with integrated GCP billing and support.
  • High-performance storage – NetApp is the penultimate manager in powering EDA workflows, scientific computing, and SaaS applications where file storage requirements are critical. Users can now access these NetApp file services with GCP.
  • Hybrid cloud capabilities – Cloud Volumes is ideal for lift and shift of workloads like file services, analytics, databases, disaster recovery and DevOps models, making it easier to move data back and forth between the cloud and on-premises.

Basically, the NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform aims to provide the enterprises an easy way to move data between on-premises environments and the cloud.

Hence these companies and enterprises can migrate file-based applications to the cloud, or store databases in the cloud. Moving analytics workloads to the cloud makes the data-driven decisions faster, and the DevOps teams can use Cloud Volumes to automate development and test environments.

What we’re doing is building state of the art technology here at NetApp and now delivering it in new and transformative ways to enable our customers to change the world with data. That’s a return of NetApp to our original mission, but in a transformative new way. – George Kurian, CEO of NetApp

The NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform will be sold by Google and will receive a mutual support from NetApp and Google. The Customers can sign-up for a private preview of Cloud Volumes, and a public preview is scheduled for later in the year.