Google introduces Google AI by unifying all its works on machine learning techniques

Google AI

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On course to fulfill its commitment to bring AI for everyone, Google introduced its Google AI yesterday, May 7. It unified all of its efforts related to machine learning, starting from computer vision to healthcare research and more, under the chief umbrella AI.

This comes after Google researching on various areas of Artificial Intelligence for several years now. As a part of this major transition, the Google AI website gets expanded. Additionally, all existing Google Research channels and affiliated Twitter and Google+ channels are renamed to Google AI.

In the announcement blog, Google mentioned that information existing on these channels or are still there, and any links to previous contents will be redirected appropriately.


Google’s works entail conducting research on advancing state-of-the-art AI by applying the technology to ‘products and platforms’, and developing tools for access. The ambition is to make AI accessible to everyone in terms of beneficial or purposeful aspects.

Now, Google hasn’t revealed any further details via the announcement. Although, the Google I/O Conference starts today and will last until May 10, which makes it all anticipating to gain insights on Google AI. Stay with us!

Via: Google AI Blog

Google introduces Google AI by unifying all its works on machine learning techniques