Pollution gives technology a bad name: Bellandur Lake froth questioning health

Bellandur Lake Froth

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Bengaluru, the technology hub of India is under the harsh radar of pollution, which may not be a new info for industrialists, but things have gone worse, as much as questioning health more severely than ever. The city’s Bellandur Lake is incrementally generating foul-smelling froth which is observed as the chief reason behind industrial waste.

The lake covers an area of 900 acres and is close to the vast science and technology center. It has been bubbling since 2015, and the froth is being often generated since then. During early 2018, there was even a fire for about 30 minutes within the lake! While the air was filled with ash, residents suspected that the end of the world is near!

Furthermore, the air in and around the lake is filled with the pungent smell that comes from sewage and chemicals mixed together. This causes serious breathing problems, alongside other health issues. The mixtures can even harm the skin!


Indian authorities have installed surveillance cameras to stop illegal dumping, and other measures have been taken to reduce the waste. Most purposefully, a new sewage treatment plant has been established by the local residents. We do hope that things get better soon for all residing lives around the lake.

Pollution is the dark part of the package when it comes to the industrial progression of the society, and it is our responsibility to take measures accordingly, not only for health reasons but as well to make way for more technological innovations to accompany our evolutionary progress.

Via: Times of India

Pollution gives technology a bad name: Bellandur Lake froth questioning health