Get ready to battle against the thawed-out hive army with Destiny 2: Warmind on Xbox one

May 9, 2018, 12:30 pm

Oindrila B.

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Xbox One has introduced today the expansion pack for Destiny 2, Warmind, taking gamers once again on a journey to explore the Red Planet. In Warmind, gamers shall be able to conduct battles against thawed out Hive armies who have been lurking beneath the polar ice caps till now.

Destiny 2 players shall be reintroduced to the Warmind, Rasputin, who made an appearance in the original Destiny; and will be able to fight alongside a new ally called Ana Bray in order to reach Rasputin’s core. The expansion pack is also introducing an additional patrol zone called the Hellas Basin, a second raid lair, a horde-style cooperative mode called Escalation Protocol, and two new strikes.

Warmind will also provide gamers with access to a new vendor space called Braytech Futurescape; two new Crucible maps called Meltdown and Solitude; masterwork versions of Exotic weapons; a new co-op activity called Escalation Protocol, in which they shall battle against waves of enemies; Spire of Stars, a raid lair located on the massive Leviathan ship; the aforementioned two new strikes- Will of the Thousands and Strange Terrain, and a powerful new arsenal of Warmind themed weapons, armor, and gear.

Warmind is available for purchase, starting today, as a standalone version priced at $19.99; and also as a part of a bundle, where Warmind is a part of the Destiny 2 Expansion Pass for $34.99. Other bundled versions include the previous bundle in combination with the base Destiny 2 game in an $89.99 bundle; and the game’s $99.99 Digital Deluxe Edition.

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