Google ARCore 1.2 to have new features taking Augmented Reality to new heights

Google ARCore 1.2

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It’s been a while since Google has launched their platform for building AR experiences. The platform is named ARCore. Many app developers have used it according to their convenience. Now there are a lot of apps available on the Google Play Store that are solely built on ARCore and they help their users to see the world in a whole new light. From helping to understand Human Anatomy better by explaining the intricacies of the nervous system with the help of 3D to creating a new floor plan for the remodel of a house just by walking around the house – ARCore has made everything easier.

In fact, the Jenga AR lets everyone enjoy the game of Jenga without having to clean up the mess afterward. If this was not enough, Google has announced today at the Google I/O that they will be rolling out a new major update to ARCore to help the developers build more collaborative and immersive augmented reality apps.


In the past, Google has preferred collaborating when it comes to extending the horizon of the newly invented technologies aimed at making life a little easier. This is true in the case of AR too. Google is introducing a capability called Cloud Anchors to Google ARCore 1.2 which, basically, will help to enable new types of collaborative AR experiences but together in a shared environment with the help of friends, like redecorating the house, playing games and painting a community mural. This will be available on all iOS and Android platforms.

The new updated Google ARCore 1.2 will arrive with a Vertical Plane Detection which will enable the user to place the AR objects on more surfaces like textured walls and whatnot. A new feature called Augmented Images enables bringing images to life just by pointing the phones at them. Java developers now can build immersive 3D apps without any complications and what is best about this new AR is that it is highly optimized for mobile.

Source: Google Blog

Google ARCore 1.2 to have new features taking Augmented Reality to new heights