Qualcomm announces support for the next version of Android in collaboration with Google

Qualcomm Support for Android P

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Qualcomm Technologies has announced that it is ready to implement its next-generation operating system which is called Android P on selected Snapdragon mobile platforms. For the development of its new operating system Qualcomm, which is a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, has collaborated with Google. The chip maker had an early access to Android P which proved to be a big advantage to them.

We are excited to work with Google to pre-integrate our software with Android P, making it production ready for OEMs. Through our strengthened relationship, Google and Qualcomm Technologies are set to expand the market for Android and make it easier for OEMs to launch devices based on Snapdragon mobile platforms. – Mike Genewich, director, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Taking full advantage of their situation, Qualcomm Technologies had optimized its software on Snapdragon 845, 660 and 636 mobile platforms to make sure that the OEMs upgrade just in time or in accordance to the Android P at the time of launch.


Qualcomm Technologies holds a prominent position when it comes to the mobile phones and of course their range in producing mobile phones is huge. This helped Google to improve the speed of its OS upgrade cycle and it also enabled OEMs to bring their latest software enhancements to consumers faster than previous Android OS releases.

Project Treble is the new hardware interface architecture for Android that is designed to make platform updates easier for device manufacturers. We’re excited to work closely with Qualcomm Technologies on a streamlined implementation of Android P for Snapdragon silicon, so device manufacturers can bring the latest Android innovations to developers and consumers more quickly. – Dave Burke, vice president of engineering, Google

The joint effort of Google and Qualcomm will accelerate the availability of key new enhancements to consumers. Xiaomi is already supporting the latest software release on their new phone Mi MIX 2S and OnePlus is planning to do that for their upcoming OnePlus 6. Others too, for example OPPO, Vivo and Sony Mobile, are also planning on previewing the new update with the developers so that they can use them in their latest phones. Android P is expected to be released sometime later this year.

Source: Qualcomm

Qualcomm announces support for the next version of Android in collaboration with Google