Apple plans to launch the use of drones to get a better quality of Apple Maps in 2016. And now Apple got the permission to test drones usage.

Ten companies, including Apple, who have earlier applied for the permission to use drones are granted Drone’s flight permission beyond the regulated area by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in the United States from the Department of Transportation.

Apple officially announced, “Apple is committed to protecting people’s privacy, including processing this data to blur faces and license plates prior to publication.”

Hence it is quite clear that for the company, privacy has always been their major concern. And they will not let any string to get loose while working in any sorts of important projects.

Moreover, it is confirmed by the state of North Carolina that Apple is included in its successful bid to launch a drone pilot testing program. To this Apple says that it will use drone tests in North Carolina to improve Apple Maps with aerial images.

Now Apple can use drones to acquire various data of urban areas and to improve the quality of “map” function. The advantage of using a drone is that it can fly at low altitude which is not possible for a conventional aircraft. Hence it will be easy to get high definition image data while using a drone.

Though the satellite images are regularly updated but using a drone is expected to present more real-time information and images. By capturing aerial footage with drones, Apple could theoretically have an easier time spotting inconsistencies and other factors which would make the Apple maps more accurate.

While a successful result of the drone testing is expected by the company, it is also expected that Apple would expand its drone projects in all parts of the United States and later in the world to improve Apple Maps.