Instagram to introduce a new feature called the “emoji slider”. It is an audience feedback sticker that polls your viewers on a rating scale using any emoji. The slider lets you ask more nuanced questions about anything you feel or you want to ask.

The Instagram emoji slider poll feature is unique because it gives you the chance to prompt your followers with questions that need to be answered in terms of a sliding scale, for example, if you ask a question like, “how much do you love pizza?” By choosing an emoji for a question, according to Instagram, it helps to add a layer of emotional context for better interpretation and better answer.

Adding an Instagram emoji slider is just like adding a poll. First, select the scale icon from the sticker tray. Then write up your burning question and place it on your picture or video and then pick the emoji that you want to use on the slider tool.

And if you see an emoji question in a friend’s story, to answer, you need to drag the emoji left or right, and release when you’re satisfied with your answer. Then, you’ll be able to see the average responses as well.

The new feature is part of the Instagram version 44 update available in Apple app store and Google Play.

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