How social media chatbots become future of communication?

May 11, 2018, 11:52 am

Winnie P.

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In general, chatbots are the computerized programs with artificial intelligence and perform the automated task. Now, chatbots are widely used in business interactions, especially for marketing purposes. From a different angle of view, a virtual connection is interconnected with social media, and the same is used as a tool for instant communication.

The introduction of communication bots has opened a smooth way to handle the customers which is a great way to replace the traditional mode of communication. One of the most highlighting benefits of bots is, it can learn from past interaction with customers and become intelligent over the time with the help of artificial intelligence.

We are living in the era of online communication. People are always connected to social platforms using their smartphones and the new age consumers are engaged in purchasing via online platforms. Now the buyers expect faultless customer experience from the brand they are engaged with through a real-time response to their questions. Here comes the ardent need for business to utilize the power of chatbots to engage with their customers in real-time.

According to a business venture, communication is the main thing to maintain customers. The bots these days are developed in a way that can engage with the customers at the right time with efficient manner. It can act as a human being and gain the trust of the customers. Although in recent times chatbots are mostly built on text-based technology in future it can be voice-based that will make the customers more live. A recent survey states that by 2020 we can see that 85% of customer dealing will be managed by chatbots at the same time 44% of customers prefer bots than a human customer service agent.

Nowadays, people do not have enough time to communicate with others because the modern life becoming faster owing to technological innovation. Besides, people who used to communicate manually consider that face to face interaction is utmost important within human communication. But in the modern context, where time is money, face to face interaction is time-consuming and most people prefer to communicate with the help of instant chat options. Similarly, chatbots replace human customer executives because official interaction in the form of question and answer can be easily dealt with bots. Within this scenario, chatbots in the form of virtual personal assistants like Siri can be easily used in the businesses. For instance, Siri acts the role of a personal assistant who can help a person in critical conditions by making use of artificial intelligence. When this idea is superimposed into the scenario of websites with heavy traffic, it is evident that vial communication can easily handle the customers by answering repeatedly.

If a human customer executive is asked to work for hours, the cam can result in giddiness and disinterest in work. But when a virtual personal assistant is used to communicate with the clients, the same can result in positive result. To be specific, social media platforms can be considered as experimentation to evaluate the effectiveness of chatbots, and an attempt to peep into the future scope of communication options in coming days.

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