Ever since Steve Jobs released that first iPhone on June 29, 2007, I think to myself every year, whoa, this has got to be the most amazing time in smartphone development ever! And, every year, I am correct. Most likely, the next five years will follow the same trajectory.

Though there is no doubt that change is exciting, the cool thing about how Apple makes iOS app development changes is that it does so to make its products significantly better. As Apple CEO Tim Cook famously said a few years back

Some people see innovation as change, but we have never really seen it like that. It’s making things better. – Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

When you consider that there are 2,100,000 iOS apps in the Apple Store, it is clear that there is plenty of room for improvement.

Here are the three areas in which iOS app developers will introduce major new innovations in the next five years.

Swift 3.0 iOS Programming Language

The newest version of the Swift programming language is a game changer in iOS app development. It is simpler than any iOS programming language ever created. In fact, experts in iOS app development say that Swift 3.0 is so easy to use that now is the best time ever for wannabe iOS app developers to get off of the sidelines and into the game. You can indeed learn how to code with Swift 3.0.

Integration with the Internet of Things (IoT)

I am very excited about the IoT. Heck, even now, just a handful of years into the IoT, I love it. The way my doors, lights, Apple watch, television, and speakers communicate with one another in order to serve my wishes is amazing. However, I must admit that there are times that it works clunkily or not at all. As more iOS app development resources are dedicated to the IoT, there is no doubt that the IoT will blow us all away!

Before long, products will be able to communicate with each other better, share information securely even over wi-fi networks, and proactively predict what the user wants. The simplicity of Swift 3.0 will really help accelerate the pace of innovation in IoT.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR, the technology that Pokemon GO introduced to the world, will continue to improve while being adopted by more industries. In addition to Swift 3.0, iOS app developers who want to create their own AR apps have access to Apple’s ARKit platform.

Pokemon GoIn the near future, we will be able to do much more than hunting little monsters in AR. We will have AR-capable devices such as smart glasses that display your phone’s screen in front of you. Additionally, these smart glasses will be able to give you all sorts of visual data related to traveling, cooking, shopping, medical emergencies, health and fitness, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I simply cannot wait to see how iOS app development rocks the AR world.

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