Microsoft’s Windows 10 mail app gets new Fluent Design improvements

Windows 10 Mail App

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Microsoft is launching new projects and upgrading its devices and software to maintain the pace in the world of technological revolution. Hence we are bound to be surprised everytime it launches something new.

Now Microsoft is introducing Fluent Design for the Windows 10 Mail App. At Microsoft’s Build 2018 developer conference, Microsoft had a session where it projected the new Fluent Design elements that are coming to Office. The session focused on OneNote and the Windows 10 Mail apps since the other Office apps in the Store are Win32 and are not using any Fluent Design.

OneNote will be the first app to use the new command bar fly out element. As a part of the fluent design transformation, called Density which has been featured to make content easier to read on small displays, low resolutions, and touch screens. Microsoft discussed how it will be implemented in Windows 10 Mail App. Now devices with low-resolution will be able to view 6 emails at a time and it varies if the device has Touch because it adapts to different screen sizes, and resolutions.


With the new Fluent Design, users can see 26% more emails in multi-line mode and 84% more in single-line mode. The density option is expected to support most of the applications in Windows 10. But right from this time, only the Mail app will be eligible to get the benefit to choose from the variety of density settings, allowing users to choose between spacious, medium and compact. By default, the application is set to use spacious mode.

The modes are basically designed to use the available screen efficiently. For example, on choosing the compact mode, the space between visual elements (such as text, icons, and boxes) will be reduced and the focus will be on the content. In this way, more information can be displayed on the screen without scrolling or further input.

The new version of the mail app will be available in the Microsoft Store. In the coming months, Microsoft is expected to add more features in Windows 10. And according to Microsoft, it will continue to upgrade the visual transformation in Windows 10 in the next update – Redstone 5, which will launch in autumn.

Via: cnBeta

Microsoft's Windows 10 mail app gets new Fluent Design improvements