Snapchat has rolled back some of its original interface changes to its iOS app for satisfying a vast number of users regarding the recent redesign. The radical redesign was launched in last November for added conveniences to newcomers but failed to impress the long-time users.

The changes were so much unlike that about 1.2 million users signed a petition asking Snapchat to revert those! The company initially responded in February by acknowledging that the new design provided discomfort for many. It waited for the time when the users would eventually adapt to the changes, although that didn’t happen.

Among the changes that are reverted back is Snap and Chat returning to its appearance of chronological orders. Also, Stories from friends went back to the original location, at the right side of the interface.

Furthermore, just like prior to the redesign, Snapchat opens in camera mode now. Users will again need to swipe left for viewing the latest posts from friends. Last but not the least, a dedicated subscriptions feed enables users to search for stories by popular content creators and publishers.

These changes are coming as an update to the app for iOS users. According to the company, this update is currently being rolled out.

The redesign targeted a broader demographic for Snapchat in order to expand the user base. This would as well be useful for the social media platform in competing with the leaders like Facebook and Instagram.

Going by the first quarter results of Snapchat, the strategy actually failed in terms of boosting earnings. Snap made less money per user, albeit gaining about 4 million users more as compared to the previous quarter.