Staying on top of search engines is the key need of every business and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a huge role in doing this. Performing a good SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea because it demands a lot of research and the experimentation.

You must be knowing that Google’s algorithms constantly get updated and hence, this demands us to stay on the same page by tuning our businesses with latest SEO techniques so that we don’t diminish with the advancement of technology. This article intends to provide you end-to-end details about how the Latest SEO techniques can benefit every business in increasing the website traffic consistently.

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For this, we will discuss two important points:

  • How to improve Relevant Traffic?
  • SEO Techniques to Increase the Website Traffic

In this digitized and technologically advance era, a good SEO can get you higher ranking in search engines, increase traffic in your website, more leads and ultimately more sales as well as a better growth rate. Let’s dive into the very first topic.

How to Improve Relevant Traffic?

In the early days of the digitization, website owners could rank high in search engines by adding a good number of search terms to their respective web pages. But now the Google algorithm is totally changed and it is not possible to fool around by using some simple tricks. This means that SEO is now more crucial as well as complex than just adding the right words to your content.

Two Most Important Factors in SEO:

  • Website Keywords- Incorporating relevant keywords in the title, header tags, body copy, etc. is one of the most basic things that anyone can do. These keywords help your target customers to know what your business or website is all about, it will display page whenever anyone searches relevant topics using those keywords. For this, long-tail keywords, as well as location-based keywords, are important.
  • Website Content- Be it your website content, blogs, articles or any other relevant content, make sure that you are using the keyword stuffed content. Quality content should be preferred above the quantity (word count) of the content. Write fresh content, link them internally and keep yourself updated about latest trends.

SEO Techniques to Increase the Website Traffic

If your website is highly ranked in the search engine giant Google, then you will observe a number of people landing on your website. Traffic on any website increases, when there is a number of search queries and only a good SEO technique can increase the number of visitors you receive and also increase the conversation rates.

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So, here are the 10 best SEO techniques:

  • Know the demand and requirements of your target customer
  • SEO Audit on your website should not be amiss
  • Make your website device-friendly, especially mobile-friendly
  • Optimize your landing pages and make it responsive
  • Post relevant and valuable content on all social media platforms
  • Use informative and creative info-graphics
  • Use a variety of keywords in the titles of SEO page
  • Utilize AdWords copy for the on-page SEO
  • Upgrade the existing old articles with latest keywords and for more organic traffic.
  • Don’t miss on monitoring Google Search Console stats

Let’s know these points in little bit more detail.

Know the demand and requirements of your target customer:

Your target customer will be responsible for sharing your info on various social media platforms. So, know what they like, or want and then go further. You can use Quora, search through any of your keywords, see the results, and think about how you can reach a maximum number of people like ways.

SEO Audit on your website should not be amiss:

This will help you find reasons for not getting sufficient traffic because this process involves close examination of your website, upgrading organizational goals based on that audit, and then consequently implementing tactics to achieve new goals.

Make your website device-friendly, especially mobile-friendly:

Make sure that your website gives equally responsive in all the smart devices, especially in smartphones. The rate of mobile search queries has been increased tremendously in the last decade and a mobile-friendly website tends to give a number of leads.

Optimize your landing pages:

The main goal of making an optimized landing page is to engage with the target audience just like a real-time meeting. Using long-tail keywords on the landing page, making it informative, adding keywords in the title, meta tag descriptions, etc. are some ways to optimize. JanBask Digital Design can be a great help you are willing to make a difference.

Post relevant and valuable content on all social media platforms:

Social media platforms are a blessing only if you use them wisely. Avoid posting irrelevant info, but find out what best can attract more people and then post valuable content by keeping an eye on keywords, content length, links, etc. SlideShare, Quora, etc. is beneficial if you post relevant content.

Use informative and creative infographics:

Our brain remembers the visually strong data more than what we read. So, if you create a nice creative and informative infographic in support of your product or service, your target customer can more relate and remember you. See one of the best examples of infographics used by GE.

Use a variety of keywords in the titles of SEO page:

Try to incorporate the relevant keywords in all the titles that are genuinely used by your target audience. Don’t stuff keywords for the sake of just placing them because it can harm you if not placed naturally. Using only one keyword is not mandatory, you can even place many, but they should be relevant

Utilize Google AdWords copy for the on-page SEO:

Google AdWords ads are already optimized as per the target keywords and are short. Through a quality article, you can achieve a good rank organically.

Upgrade the existing old articles with latest keywords and for more organic traffic:

You can do this by updating old citations, images, changing the old keywords by the latest one, broken links, etc.

Don’t miss on monitoring Google Search Console stats:

Keep a sharp eye of crawl errors (404 errors), find out the widely used keywords used by your target customer, and monitor the timely statistics, so that you can upgrade yourself according to the latest trend.

Final Words

We already know the importance of SEO for maintaining a strong online presence of every business. Utilizing these useful SEO techniques can definitely make a huge difference in improving the Website traffic within a short span of time.

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