With the recent release of the movie Avengers: Infinity War, Disney’s Marvel is at large among the Chinese, and it has reached the leading smartphone brands in the country. While OnePlus is developing an Avengers edition of OnePlus 6, Xiaomi has officially launched the “Avengers Alliance 3: Infinity War” theme!

The Xiaomi Avengers theme has been authorized by Disney, and this is the first instance that Xiaomi is officially collaborating with the American company. It is available on the theme store of Xiaomi, from where you can buy it or try for free.

Evaluated by over 130,000 people, it’s only about 30 MB file. It scored 8.5 out of 10, bearing 5-star rating from 46.4% users, whereas 0.8% gave one star. The theme already hit 400 million in the first-weekend pre-sale box office. Additionally, it gained major attraction at zero-point box office and IMAX zero field championship.

This is a good news for the fans of Avengers, more broadly, of Marvel as they can now personalize their phones with their favorite superheroes. The likes of Iron Man and Captain America can now be enjoyed right in your palm. At the same time, Marvel gets to lead today in the evergoing direct race with DC.