Google One gets introduced for expanded storage and comes with extra benefits

May 15, 2018, 6:00 am

Aniruddha P.

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Google has introduced Google One yesterday, May 14 which is a solution for expanded storage and it additionally brings extra benefits for the users. As a part of this procedure, all the paid plans for the users of Google Drive storage will be upgraded to Google One in the coming months.

The new changes do not affect the G Suite business customers, and neither do they alter any interface for storing and sharing files via Drive.

To start with, users of storage paid plans will now have access to all the space they require in Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. It comes with options ranging from 100 GB to 30 TB.

Secondly, Google One will be covering ‘a lot of other Google products too’. It gives you one-tap access to the experts regarding the company’s products and services. This further brings ‘access to extras’ from certain of its products, like offers on select hotels that appear on Search, or credits on Google Play. The announcement blog states that the tech leader will come up with more benefits over time.

Last but not the least, Google One lets you add up to five family members into your selected storage plan. Therefore, you will get to pay for the storage that’s shared with your family under one bill. Every of your added family members will have the same benefits from Google One as you. By putting this benefit on the table, Google is addressing its frequently received requests regarding storage plans to be shareable within the family.

All users with a paid Drive storage plan will be automatically upgraded to Google One in the upcoming months. The rollout will begin with the U.S. and will eventually expand globally. Users will receive an email confirming the upgrade, and it will lead you to manage the storage plan and the benefits.

Google says that the works on Google One are still going on, and will surface later this year. Stay with us to not miss out on the update.

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