Global Accessibility Awareness Day for this year was observed yesterday, May 17, and Google’s celebration includes launching the Google Primer app. The new app provides insightful study materials on accessibility and tools to enhance the same of the sites and apps.

After downloading the app, you can search ‘accessibility’ to be directed to five-minute lessons. These lessons will help users understand accessibility better. The lot also provides practical tips to make any business, product, or design accessible more than before.

Primer helps you to make key design principles to build an improved accessible website. It also offers knowledge on addressing accessibility issues that can impact the user experience for the better. Like, videos with closed captions will reach more users despite hearing impairment or in a crowd.

Secondly, the Google Accessibility page consists of free tools that can come in handy to make your site or app more accessible for your users. This can be complemented by the Android Developers site that has a broad range of suggestions for improving accessibility.

Accessibility is a core consideration for Google when it develops new products, starting from design to launch and beyond. Products that don’t address ‘a diverse range of needs’ may lead to missing out on a large mass of users.

At the same time, varied disabilities of people keep them away from accessibility. This is where the new Primer comes in, to not just educate but also to provide tools for reaching more users. Tell us about your experience with the Google Primer. Stay tuned to know more!