Infographic: Ecommerce conversion rate optimization tips you can’t ignore

Conversion is the ultimate goal of a business’s online efforts. If your website has a glorious design and drives huge traffic but you’re still not getting enough leads, you need to get serious about conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization is a systematic process of increasing the percentage of your website’s visitors that take the desired action on a certain page. This includes optimizing the landing pages and the website overall, using real-time analytics, tested design, and psychological elements, in order to turn your website visitors into customers.

Use High-Quality Images and Video

We live in a media-driven world and your website should be optimized to show off your best media. Using higher quality larger pictures on your site, especially of your art, can improve engagement and call-to-actions by 62%. Furthermore, adding a video of your art can improve conversion by up to 400%.

Add Reviews To Your Website

Allowing fans to add reviews about your art to your website can have a huge impact on how your brand’s credibility is perceived. A customer is 63% more likely to engage a brand after checking out product ratings and reviews. The feedback can also go along way to shaping your art into exactly what your audience is looking for.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

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We all spend, on average, 4+ hours a day on our mobile devices, and there are over 5 billion mobile devices on earth. With mobile traffic larger than desktop and far outpacing it, optimizing your site to cater to the mobile viewer can boost conversion rates by 20 or more percent. Mobile users are hungry for your art and consumers use mobile to access entertainment and arts website more often than not.

Don’t make a rookie mistake! Here is a nice infographic by Website Builder below and learn some simple, but extremely effective hacks for increasing your conversion rates.

Ccommerce Conversation Rate

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