Pokemon fans are in for a treat! Yesterday, May 18 the developers have announced the return of the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh via their official site and Twitter. It is returning to Raid Battles and the Gyms today!

Originally discovered in the Johto region of the Pokemon world, Ho-Oh is a Rainbow Pokemon being a powerful Fire and Flying-type one. It will appear in the Gyms across the globe, alongside Latias and Latios who will remain in their set regions.

After winning the first battle, the trainers will get a chance to come across a Shiny Ho-Oh. The returning Pokemon can be challenged till June 7 to add it to the Pokedex.

For the new Pokemon enthusiasts, Ho-Oh is a non-evolving Pokemon and is sometimes considered to be a duo with Lugia, the psychic and flying Pokemon. Ho-Oh is the game mascot of both Pokemon Gold and Pokemon HeartGold and appears on the boxart for the games.

While Pokemon Silver represents Lugia as ‘guardian of the seas’, Ho-Oh in Gold is represented as the ‘guardian of the skies’. Among Legendary Beasts in the game, Ho-Oh is the trio-master. There is a catch rate of 0.4%, so trainers will have to bring their best in the encounter.

In the comments thread of the announcement tweet of Ho-Oh’s return, most of the users have shown excitement, and many coming up with game-related suggestions. The Pokemon was introduced in Generation II (the smallest complete generation so far), and many have voiced to bring more generations in Pokemon Go.

Tell us about experience with the legendary Pokemon and let others know. Stay tuned to get more updates on Pokemon Go as they surface.