Social media has become one of the biggest sources of communication. With the new add-on features, a user can share featured photos and videos. But at times we do face trouble when we don’t want to see annoying posts from a particular person. To solve this issue, Instagram has a surprise for all you out there. The popular media sharing platform has rolled out a new feature Instagram Mute which lets you mute an account where you would no longer see their sharing on the Instagram timeline.

This feature allows a user not to display sharing from someone on the timeline. This has further eliminated the need to unfollow the particular Instagram friend. Thus you can simply avoid those annoying posts without offending them.

The best part of this feature is that unlike other social sites the person whose account is mute will not be able to track the same. You can activate this feature by simply tapping on the menu on sharing (which is on the right corner in three dots.) where you can choose the Instagram mute option.