Apple made an internal agreement in 2015 called ‘Project Titan’ which was an ambitious effort to construct an electric vehicle. The Apple Project Titan had faced major issues as some executives who were working on the project left in between. Later, Apple had to face some development and management problems. Apple thus shifted to autonomous technologies that can control vehicles. To further extend employees with benefits Apple has decided to incorporate a deal with Volkswagen.

According to the report revealed by a source familiar with the issue, Apple will be using Volkswagen self-driving vans to transport employees between offices. Apple and Volkswagen officials, on the other hand, have not come forward to comment on this matter.

Apple technologies is run by a staff of hundreds of hardware and software engineers, designers, and car battery experts. This team of experts is capable enough to take on Tesla Inc. and Detroit.

Apple, for now, is using around two dozen VW’s T6 Transporter Vans. These vans are customized by Apple, according to information from an internal source. With its self-driving technology, Apple is testing a number of Lexus SUVs on public roads in California. The company is also applying technology to extend transport staff between office buildings at its Cupertino California headquarters.