Airbnb adopts ‘Travel Stories’ to make traveling interesting

Airbnb Travel Stories

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The story format has been one of the main catch features of social apps. Snapchat was the first app to owe this feature and later copied by other social networking giants as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Google had also incorporated this feature into its service and after so after Facebook and Google this time it’s Airbnb.

This new Airbnb Travel Stories feature has been a trending thing on social media just like the ‘Status Update’. This story feature allows users to upload videos, pictures, text overlays, to overlay the thoughts, moods, and experiences to your followers and friends.

The accommodation service, Airbnb is an online marketplace to lease or rent short-term lodging that adopts the new feature and names it as ‘Travel Stories’. Viewers can swipe through the videos that work both on mobile and web with videos that last up to 10 seconds. Viewers can also tap on links for further information about the location if only it is mentioned in the travel story.


Initially, the feature is available in beta, however, the company has sent out an invitation to some limited users to test the new feature.

An Airbnb spokesperson stated, “we’re always testing new ways to help our community members tell their stories.” He continues that they are excited and are looking forward to the new experience that they deliver to their users.

Airbnd uses this as a marketing tool as it features places as well which works as a platform for travelers to get a place to stay. Thus benefiting Airbnb at the end.

Via: Digital Trends

Airbnb adopts 'Travel Stories' to make traveling interesting