Apple wins $539 million from Samsung Electronics Co. seven years after the start of a global patent battle. Jurors awarded Apple the judgment in federal court in San Jose, California on Thursday. Samsung violated on certain Apple designs and utility patent of mobile design such as the rounded corners, the now-iconic app grid layout of the iOS home screen, and the rim of the front face of the iPhone.

In a statement given to Bloomberg by Apple, it said that they deeply value their design and that their team works tirelessly to create innovative products to delight their customers, “This case has always been about more than money.” The jury was in a decision whether Samsung owed Apple money on the sales of their smartphones or according to the infringed Apple patents.

The countless appeal and verdicts since 2011 have made it one of the most complex corporate patent trials that have been ever recorded in the history of the technology industry. Apple’s initial 2.5 billion demands were reduced to less than $1 billion in the early 2012 verdict. As according to its appeals Apple could not legally trademark the iPhone’s appearance in May 2015 thus forcing Samsung to pay around $548 million. Samsung had paid the amount in December 2015.

Of the two final cases between the tech giants, one concluded in last year’s November covering the slide to unlock patent which resulted for Samsung to pay around $120 million to Apple. And now with the final case that has been moved through a number of reductions and appeals of the original $1 billion Apple patent win from 2012.