After the launch of the communication satellite on May 11, 2018, Space X has scheduled another launch of a communication satellite from Florida on May 31, 2018. The launch will take place near Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s SLC-40. Space X preps to launch SES-12, a giant European communications conglomerate thus making this the sixth of an SES satellite.

SES being the second largest communications satellite operator in the world operates more than 50 satellites that reside in geostationary orbits and another 16 medium-Earth orbit satellites. And these spacecraft helps us with mobile and network operations, internet providing, broadcasting, institutions in North America, Latin America, Europe and many other Asia Pacific regions.

Forty-three of the satellites are parked in geostationary orbit which is situated above the equator ranging from 177 degrees West (NSS-9) to 176 degrees East (NSS-11). According to certain reports, there are about 450 active satellites parked in geostationary orbit situated above the equator which is equally spaced approximately 22,000 miles above the earth thus not making the geostationary too crowded.


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The SES-12 satellite is built by Airbus, a European multinational company that sells, manufactures products worldwide. It has a good reputation of delivering nearly 11,000 aircraft to commercial airlines, and 12,000 helicopters to various customers. It has manufactured nearly 100 communication satellites worldwide with more than 50 satellites launched to date and taking another 18 in counts which are under construction.

SES-12 is to have a dual mission that will replace the NSS-6 satellite in orbit to provide certain telecom and television broadcasting services from one end to another end of Asia. It is to be the largest SES satellite launched till date with a weight of 11,685 pounds (5,300 kg) which will be equipped with eight antennas and a total of 76 active transponders.

The SES-12 will be parked in some 35,406 kilometers above the Indian Ocean placing directly above the equator which will be launched by Falcon 9 ‘full thrust’ rocket. And the next SpaceX launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station SLC-40 will beCRS-15, a resupply mission to the International Space Station scheduled on June 28 and Telestar 19V slated to fly in late June.

Via: SpaceFlight Insider