Microsoft has been pushing users towards its less popular browser Edge lately. Its newest effort is bringing the feature of reading eBooks right on the browser, via new update, version 42.1.0 that also brings more languages, and sign-ins for work and school accounts.

It is available for iOS this week, and we can hope it rolls out worldwide quick. Microsoft needs all plausible ways to gain users for Edge. For now, at least the iPhone and iPad users get to enjoy the read, purchasing eBooks from Microsoft Bookstore.

The feature is still in preview or beta mode, so there’s not much functionality you should expect now, as the likes of Cortana and TTS are missing. However, you can change size and type of font, but certain basic features like bookmarks, highlights and annotation aren’t there.

There’s no way to purchase eBooks from Microsoft Store, either. But your purchases can be imported to Edge via Hotmail account. Also, the feature is only available in the U.S. for now, so this could be the tech giant testing before the global rollout.

The American users, although do not have to miss bookmarks, as Microsoft has recently brought Reading List to Win 10’s Edge, which can be an ideal substitute. This feature saves the page you left off the last time, and you can read it again anytime, even without internet.

Some sources say that the feature may hit Android soon.

According to a tweet by Marc Wautier two days ago, the update brought 23 new languages to Edge on iOS.

The tweet clearly shows a few flags, presumably of some nations that have their languages included. These are the Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Norway, Croatia, Indonesia, Finland, and Malaysia.

Stay tuned to know when the final product of the feature comes out!