Google Chromebook allows managing all Android files in Chrome OS

Jun 4, 2018, 4:00 pm

Shreeya G.

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Google is cooking up great updates to satisfy the ever-increasing needs of its users. To extend benefits to Chromebook users, Google will introduce a new application program. Now Chromebook users will be easily able to manage their Android files with the use of this applications.

As per the statement of Google Chromium developer Francois Beaufort, Chrome OS team is now engaged in developing a new application. This application will enable Chromebook users to manage Android files on Chromebook. The features are known as “Android Files” which is implemented in Chrome OS Dev channel and allow the users to use the default file application in the Chrome OS to manage all their Android files.

The users of Chromebook will have to follow the instructions in Dev channel in order to manage all the files included in the Android device from their Chromebook. To use the above application users will have to follow the given instructions:

enable the chrome://flags#show-android-files-in-files-app experimental flag. To enable the flag, simply open Chrome and paste the above logo in the address bar.

Then select “Enabled” and you should immediately get a new “Android File” view. This will show Android emulate external storage. Display all files on your Android device in the file application. You can transfer files to the download folder.

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