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Post Pokemon Go – How Augmented Reality has taken gaming industry on stir

Jun 4, 2018, 2:30 pm

We’ve all heard of Pokemon Go and many might have even experienced it. The AR-based game grabbed unmatched attention in no time. This indeed turned out to be a reason behind global entrepreneurs showing tremendous interest in growing AR app trends in 2018. But wait!!! How this all started?

An April Fool’s Joke!!

Yes, you read that right. On 1st April 2014 Google’s video of mixing maps and Pokemon went viral. Two years later, Hanke with his team transformed this into a reality with a game called Pokemon Go. I mean, none of us can forget the craze people had for this game. Soon after a couple of days of its launch, we witnessed people falling off a cliff and getting hit by a car.

For everyone this merger of the real and virtual world was irresistible. They wanted to have more and more out of it. But they weren’t the only one seeking for it.

While many presumed the launch of Pokemon Go to be the destination, however, technology experts knew the power of Augmented Reality and the future scopes that can be attained with it.

According to a recent report, the AR market was valued at US dollar 11.4 billion for the year 2018 and the US dollar 60.55 billion by 2023. The figures clearly indicate the expected growth in the AR market.

Augmented Reality and Gaming Industry

The developing moderateness and accessibility of Augmented Reality in gaming in cell phones is a prime factor driving the market development. Numerous brands and startups are gigantically putting resources into the propelled arrangements that incorporate AR-based games into smartphones, eventually empowering them to enhance customer encounter, improved business extension, and increment the income amid the gauge time frame.

Information security rupture is the significant worry for the market. The market is portioned into sorts of gamers, gaming gadgets, and districts which incorporates Europe, America, MEA, and APAC. Industry giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Nintendo, and Sony are putting resources to add AR innovation into their items and offering upgraded gaming highlights to the clients.

Here are certain key factors that are expected to drive the growth of AR gaming in the coming days:

1. Adaptability: We live in a world with a range of gadgets around us. Talking about smartphones and tablets, in particular, the segment has ‘n’ number of devices in the range of size and orientation options. The key user-friendly here lies in building Augmented Reality games that can easily adapt themselves to different devices.

2. Vast audience: Let us take the example of Pokemon Go. We can’t define the age group of the users of this game. It gained almost everyone’s attention and became favorite of teenagers, millennial, and grownups in no time. Hence, if we talk about the future, we need to have games that interest the entire group and not any particular age section.

3. 5G is on its way: The internet is getting faster and cheaper. With 5G rolling its dices round the corner, we can expect a new horizon to be unleashed. This will eventually adorn the Augmented Reality game developers to build competitive and innovative in every aspect. We can indeed expect to have AR-based games that will deliver an entirely new experience to the users.

4. Creativity: Unlike the ‘good old days’, people today are open to changes and in fact, they wholeheartedly welcome creative and innovative approach. Pokemon Go was indeed an example that proves this. The game in no time made its way to the top of popular games in the app stores. Besides a creative approach, making games engaging will also play a crucial role.

5. Interactive: Though last on our list but not the least. The primary benefit of AR is the seamless interaction it avails. Users can bridge the gap between real and virtual world and can effortlessly relish the essence of both. Talking about future games, we believe that they’ll be very much related to real life scenarios. How about a workout AR based game?


Augmented Reality is commendably making its space in almost industry and amidst all the age groups. However, the need of time is to un-tap the true potential of Augmented Reality based games and serve it to the market. Being at its growing stage, there are more chances of hitting new benchmarks with AR game development.

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