Intel celebrates 40th anniversary of 8086 chipset by offering new model via sweepstakes

Intel Core i7-8086K

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Intel at Computex 2018 has launched its new processor chipset, the Core i7-8086K to mark the 40th anniversary of its launch of the game-changing 8086 processor. Representing the legacy is the company’s sweepstakes offering of the new chip for 24 hours starting on June 7, 5 pm PST.

Intel Core i7-8086K can achieve 5.0GHz speed (with a base clock of 4.0GHz) smoothening continuous shuffling of computive processing, thanks to its Turbo-Boost mode. It is a hexacore CPU, built on the same platform of Core i7-8700K. The platform can clock up to 4.7GHz with increased frequencies. The i7-8600K is, in fact, the first Intel CPU to achieve 5GHz speed.

Intel Core i7 ProcessorThis chip can be inserted into a 300-series motherboard. It is an unlocked SKU (stock keeping unit) that enables users to overclock beyond 5GHz!

Intel has further announced that it will offer a total of 8,086 units of Intel Core i7-8086K globally via the Intel sweepstakes contest. The offer is available to the users residing in seven countries: Germany, Canada (except Quebec), the UK, France, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China (except Hong Kong). 2,086 units will be available for the American users. Not for the other countries.


You can enter the Intel giveaway contest at There is no purchase required, rather only internet access will suffice. Intel on this webpage has provided details of the sweepstakes, and techs and support info on the chipset under the tag ‘Be part of our legacy.’ It has also clarified that specific laws and regulations of other countries than the seven are keeping it from a worldwide release.

Winners of the contest will receive an email within two weeks after the sweepstakes entry closes. Intel points out: “Delivery times will vary by country/region, but could take up to 6-8 weeks after you have been contacted as a winner, and have confirmed your delivery details with us.”

Popular online retailers and tech suppliers, more importantly, the ones selling other Intel processors will have the availability of the Intel 5GHz Core-8086K processor for purchase.

Intel celebrates 40th anniversary of 8086 chipset by offering new model via sweepstakes