How Lenovo Watch X is different from other smartwatches in the market

Lenovo Watch X

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Lenovo has announced the launch of its three new smartphones. Along with these three smartphones, the company is also releasing a new smartwatch called Lenovo Watch X. Although the availability has not been announced as of yet, Lenovo is taking registrations for the smartphone in China now. Some specifications about the Watch X has been released.

The company is trying to get back to its own place in the market. The Lenovo owned Motorola had stopped manufacturing smartwatches a few years ago and that marked the end line for the company in the smartwatch making area. But now that Google has renewed its effort in its operating system for wearables, Lenovo along with other companies are making a return to the market of fitness watches.


The wearable will come in two variants: Watch X and Watch X Explorer Edition. Both of these will be available in Milanese and leather strap variants and it will also come with a metallic belt and a round dial. The prices for the two variants vary according to their specifications. The normal Watch X Milanese variant is priced at CNY 299 (roughly Rs. 3,100) and the leather strap variant is priced at CNY 329 (roughly RS. 3,400).

The Watch X Explorer Edition Milanese variant is priced at CNY 399 (roughly 4,100) and the Explorer Edition leather strap variant is priced at CNY 429 (roughly Rs 4,500). These watches will be known to measure air pressure, heart rate, and even blood pressure. All of the three smartwatches come with six professional sensors which will help to do all those above-mentioned functions. The good news is that all of these are waterproof and allows for 45 days of standby time as it comes equipped with 600mAh battery.

How Lenovo Watch X is different from other smartwatches in the market