The Gsuite team has posted an official feed on June 4, announcing the new updates and improvisations to be rolled out for its customers. Recently, the team came up with an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for the new version of Gmail, chipping in new options like Gmail offline and nudging.

The post details of the rollout schedule for the general availability (GA) launch to keep the Gmail fans updated on the latest developments.

Brace yourselves for the all new Gmail to GA in July 2018

As of now, the highly anticipated redesigned Gmail is an EAP, which means that the customers can choose to or opt out of participating at the levels of the domain and organizational unit. After the new Gmail launches to GA in July 2018, G Suite admins will have the following options in the Admin console: The G Suite admins have a choice of the following options after the new version gets launched to GA in July 2018:

  • Immediately transition their users to the new Gmail.
  • Allow their users to opt into the new Gmail at the time of their choice.
  • Wait approximately four weeks until their users are allowed to opt into the new Gmail.

The users will not have the choice to opt into the new Gmail version of the default setting. Only after roughly 8 weeks of the GA announcement in July, all users will be automatically transitioned to the Gmail redesign, including those who have kept out of it till then. However, they will also have the option to opt out of the new Gmail experience for an additional time period of 4 weeks.

Opt-out option to work only till 12 weeks after GA

It is to be kept in mind that the Opt-out option will not work after roughly 12 weeks following the GA announcement in July, after which every user will be integrated into the new Gmail experience. And, then onwards, users can no longer opt out of the new mail.

New features and Admin settings

When the new Gmail launches to GA, the features with Admin console settings, like Gmail offline and confidential mode (which are slated for launch at a later date), will conform to all the current EAP configurations. However, here the only catch is that the organization subscribed to by the user has to participate in the EAP, or these additional settings will be OFF by default in the new Gmail.

While the G Suite team plans to outlay more details on this transition plan in July, the Gmail users are to hold on for an altogether new Gmail experience.