Google India has announced via blog that it has completed the 400-target of offering high-speed public Wi-Fi to railway stations in India. The project started in 2015, with CEO Sundar Pichai and PM Narendra Modi making the announcement.

It kicked off in January 2016 with Mumbai Central being the first one. Today, June 7, 2018, the Dibrugarh railway station in Assam became the 400th train station in the country to have the facility of public Wi-Fi. The service is provided by the tech company in collaboration with Indian Railways and RailTel.

Presently, there are more than 8 million people coming online with Google Station every month. At an average, users consume 350 MB of data per session. This is about the size of a half-hour television episode.

Majority of the users of Google Station experience multiple online stations a day, watching videos or hooked into social media. Many use the facility to get things done while waiting for the train, or for the start of rolling those steel wheels, or simply residing or working near the station.

Despite reaching the 400-mark, Google doesn’t want to stop as the country is not just the second largest populous in terms of residence, but as well in terms of netizens. Yet, about a billion Indian users do not come online!

Google India is therefore not just touching train stations, but as well into the cities, making Google Station available in 150 locations in Pune. Expectedly, Google says that more Smart Cities will be covered in the coming future.

Google Station public Wi-fi is launched in Mexico and Indonesia too, and the company will bring more countries on board.