The security feature in the Samsung smartphones just got better and tighter. Samsung has introduced a new security feature called ‘Intelligent Scan’ but is available in selected smartphones as of now. The Korean firm has introduced the new security features in Samsung Galaxy Note FE, S8, S8+, Note 8 and S9 and S9+. This security option comes with several other options such as eye scan or face scan.

The main purpose of this Intelligent Scan is to unlock the device as well as to make payments through Samsung Pay. However, users of the Samsung Internet Browser 7.4 beta version will also be able to use the Intelligent Scan for identity verification when logging in on the web or for online payments. Reading mode is also updated with new background color customization options, font conversions and font size redemption.

This new Intelligent Scan works differently on different devices but the main purpose of it is more or less the same. The Samsung Internet version 7.4 beta has specific updates fixed for different countries. Countries like India, China and the United States will receive the new Internet version 7.4 beta but its features will vary from country to country. In India, the users will be able to see the estimated time for the download to complete. In China, the new browser will make the search easier for the users.

All they need to do is enter the keywords and the web browser Samsung Internet will provide suggestions. In the United States, the users will receive updated news notifications based on their subscribed news services. The new Samsung Internet browser 7.4 beta is not something exclusive given to a handful of people. It is just a new update in the Samsung web browser and is easily downloadable to everyone.