How long can one stay without tweeting or being logged into its world, especially when it’s the most popular virtual window to ‘See what’s happening in the world right now’? It won’t be an understatement to claim that ever since this giant online news and social networking was launched in 2006, our dear Earth has been increasingly populated by ‘Tweeples’ and ‘Twitterers’, ‘Tweeps’, and the ‘Twitterattis’, gradually and with a steady mount.

Tweeting has since then been seamlessly integrated with our way of life, during lunch breaks at the office, while on a holiday, at the start of that big conference day, on every game under the sun from cricket to Olympics, on politics to movies and entertainment and so on. Twitter is pleasantly guilty in literally encompassing the idea of going virtually public with both the private and public realms of our lives. Both the bigshots and the common men have Twitter topping the list of their daily social media go-tos.

So when, and if it suddenly goes down with a wham, it is the cause of a furore, and a big one at that. And that is exactly what has happened since the last three days. Twitter has been crashing every day, for some time. Crashing only for some time doesn’t discount the inconvenience caused to the Twitter fanatics.

Ironically, the upset Twitter users are taking to Twitter itself to tweet about their angst, with the tag #TwitterDown. Putting up tweets in diverse languages, the Tweeples indicate how this glitch is gradually expanding to different countries, underscoring the need for an immediate workaround that entirely resolves the temporary, but a daily breakdown of Twitter.

Third party reports attest that the Twitter breakdown situation has rendered many users unable to tweet in the last 24 hours, with the most reported problems being on the website (51%), Android app (31%), and iPad app (17%).

The ominous whale figure with the line ‘Twitter is over capacity’ is what every Twitter user who hasn’t been affected yet does not want to see. But with the crash problem getting widespread, there’s no getting around the whale as it pops up on the screen, as tweeted by a user.

Human beings are creatures of habit and whatever cause a chink in that habit causes mental distress. Twitter, being the most extensive social media habit that we picked up 11 years ago, has occupied our socio-emotional space related to the virtual world interactions and connectivity, hence a Twitter breakdown is bound to cause mental anxiety and listlessness. It is almost akin to going off-grid, as is stated by a user in the tweet below.

It is reportedly stated that the Twitter crash problem has been happening every day during the evening, as is stated in the tweet below.

Touted as one of the ten most-visited websites in 2013, and termed as “the SMS of the Internet, with more than 319 million monthly active users in 2016, Twitter is one of the giant reasons why the demographics of social media users continues to shoot up in numbers every day.

Twitter has evolved into being the definition for keeping updated with the anything and everything in the world with everyone’s personal say in it, and the Twitter team, therefore, needs to ensure immediately that no one is kept off their fair share of sharing in the news and events all around, by minimising and promptly resolving service breakdown.

This is an urgent call to the troubleshooting team of Twitter to manage its overcapacity problem, which we know isn’t happening for the first time and therefore can be fixed smoothly.

We hope to have our Twitter down problem solved soon and get it back now, and without temporary crashes, as we are totally ‘twitterpated’ with it and cannot do without it even for a few hours!

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