In a recent move to further promote “Made In India” initiative that’s spreading across the country like wildfire; Smartphone developer Xiaomi today released a statement stating that the ‘Made in India’ phones will have locally assembled printed circuit boards (PCB) by the third quarter this year, thus further boosting its manufacturing capacity in the country.

For this very purpose, the Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi has recently established a new PCB assembly unit in Sriperumbudur in partnership with Foxconn to mass produce motherboards for its mobile phones. PCBs are an integral component of smartphones which accounts for an integral part of the smartphones’ manufacturing cost.

We have started to manufacture PCBs in India…the aim is that 100 per cent of the devices manufactured in India have locally assembled or manufactured PCBs by the third quarter (July-September) this year. – Manu Kumar Jain, Xiaomi VP and India Managing Director

Xiaomi, already having two smartphone manufacturing units in India, has recently added three more in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh and Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.

According to India Managing Director Manu Jain, this was a strategic move by the company in an effort to focus on four key areas in India and to improve the after sales, thus ensuring better product quality and better supply of its devices.

According to a data published by research firm, IDC, Xiaomi is currently leading the Indian market in terms of shipment; getting another boost from its recently launched selfie phone – the ‘Y2’ which is priced at Rs 9,999 onwards.

We want to launch fewer products (than other brands) but do a good job at that. It is our endeavor to ensure customers get quality products at affordable prices and keep our promise of keeping our net profit margin from hardware at under five per cent. – Manu Kumar Jain

With the Y2 getting positive reviews from the Indian market; the company is in high hopes that it will boost the Xiaomi wave that spread across India and continue the momentum to be among the bestsellers category like its predecessors.

We launched our first selfie phone Y1  in November last year and it is already among the bestsellers in the category without us having spent big on marketing. We expect to definitely continue the momentum with this device as well. – Manu Kumar Jain

On its launch, the handset will be easily available to its customers through Amazon and as well as the company’s home stores from as early as June 12. What sets it apart from its predecessor phone is the new artificial intelligence enabled front cameras among many other add-on features.