Google Celebrates World Ocean Day by Releasing a Documentary on High Seas in VR

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What can be better than to explore the realities surrounding our ocean bodies as a token of the celebration of World Oceans Day? Putting the spotlight on earth’s most important natural resources and unique ecosystems, NASA Earth invites all to better know our oceans and the challenging realities facing them. Virtual reality (VR) and curated nautical adventures in Google Earth are how one can go about uncovering the unknown facts about our oceans.

Estimably, roughly 35 percent of the fish and seafood that is harvested either gets lost or wasted before it finds its way to our daily dishes. And this journey to Google Earth has been documented as it stands by the World Wildlife Fund and Condition One through a virtual reality documentary showing how fish get from Ocean to Plate. This has been done in association with the Daydream Impact program. Therefore, one does not need to be on the fishing boat or in a processing plant to gain an insight into the processes related to the fishing industry supply chain and its impact on our oceans. One can have an overview of it just by going through a video or using a VR viewer like Cardboard or Daydream View. The alternative to this is met in using Google Earth to explore the journey.

Last on the list is NASA Earth’s project of taking a satellite view of the oceans with “Waterways from Space” from NASA’s Earth Observatory. The ‘Waterways from Earth’ feature uses NASA’s satellite and astronaut images, curating a collection of stunning views from above Earth of some of the most beautiful water bodies include lakes, seas and oceans as documented by the satellites and the astronauts on the International Space Station, as is stated in its tweet.

With this drive cast forth on the World Oceans Day today, NASA Earth puts up a positive stride towards spurring people all around the globe to take up the responsibility of protecting and sustaining the oceans as part of the world sustainable development goal that we have set for ourselves.

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