Google has started adopting the Material Design theme and is bringing it across its primary apps like Gmail, Drive and Google News. The latest addition to this list is the sign-in screen, which will be effective starting June 14.

The input box on the Google sign-in screens will have the color blue. There will also be a message with blue font at the bottom of the page notifying users of the change. On the whole, it is going to be a little different than the present sign-in screen, but it does feel like a lot more different!

In the list of the differences in the new version adjusting Google’s trademark. Also, there’s a blue outline for the input box, and the text will be left-aligned. Lastly, the logo of the company will be positioned at the center.

Google has been using the Material Design since 2014, eyeing to adopt a persistent design style for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The announcement for the sign-in has come from the company earlier this week, and users should not mistake it for a phishing website.

While Google is providing the notification on the page with the rollout, it further asks G Suite managers to inform users of the relevant changes.

Google Material DesignThe sign-in page had its last update in March 2017 with the Google Sans font addition by the company. It is now used for the options Create Account and Forgot Email.

Among other recent changes, Google added the Smart Compose feature that is empowered with AI for automatically completing emails. Additionally, the Gmail app received an update that brings the Confidential Mode. This helps users send self-destructive emails that will get deleted on their own at the set time.