Instagram has been adding a lot of new features to make this app even more popular and to compete with other photo sharing apps on the market. Facebook-owned Instagram recently added a new feature to its already existing ‘Stories’ feature. Starting today, users will be able to share the photo in which he or she has been mentioned, as their own story. So not everyone needs to capture the moments all through the day. Only one person can capture all the moments and other people can use it as their own story.

Previously before this new feature came into being, users got notifications in their Direct Message thread informing them about all those stories that they have been mentioned in. Tapping on that notification would have to lead the user to that story directly. Now, when someone mentions a person in their story, that person will get an option to add that content to their own story. The users can scale it, rotate and position it and add stickers to it or add texts on it or use other creative tools.

This was a common feature of the previous Instagram stories as well. When followers see the shared story, they will also be able to see the original poster’s username and that will be tappable. So the profile of the original poster can be explored by other followers too. However, this feature is available only for the public profiles. The feature is called “Instagram @mention Sharing” and it’s a part of Instagram version 48 on Android and iOS.

Instagram is also reported to be working on a new feature to bring longer videos on its platform. It will let the users post longer videos. So it may have a special place dedicated to music videos, shows and more. This may get unveiled on June 20th, 2018.