New Whatsapp feature to label forwarded messages on Android

WhatsApp Message Forwarding

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WhatsApp for Android just received a new beta version (2.18.179) that has started rolling out a new feature that will be labeling messages that you forward to your contacts. With this feature, messages will be tagged as ‘Forwarded’ highlighted above the text on both the recipient and sender’s chat window that will help to create a distinction between the forwarded messages and the original messages.

To avail the new feature, you just need to select and forward one of the messages within another WhatsApp chat and you can find the label appearing on the top of the forwarded message. But there isn’t any disable option available which means that one won’t be able to remove the label from the messages that one forwards.


However, the tag will appear only when a message has been actually forwarded using the ‘forward’ button. Just by copying and pasting the message into another chat will not show the tag. Moreover, through forwards, you can message to multiple contacts while copying and pasting can be done to one contact at a time.

Such a feature will be of much help to know which message has been mass-forwarded. Apart from identifying forwarded messages, it will also help to understand spam-forwarded messages.

The new feature is now just available for beta testing but you can also experience it just by downloading it from Google Play on your Android device.

Source: NDTV Gadgets

New Whatsapp feature to label forwarded messages on Android