Bethesda took the stage of E3 2018 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) to announce its two new games: The Elder Scrolls 6, and Elder Scrolls Blade for mobile.

Not much of the games were disclosed except releasing a short teaser video of the latest The Elder Scrolls VI. It displays panning over a mountainous region accompanied by fog and clear sky. The iconic Dovahkiin music is played in the background.

There are no settings specified, which will encourage gamers to explore and find out the possibilities. Also, nothing was said on which platforms will the game arrive, and when. Bethesda also took the announcement to Twitter today, June 11.

Multiple sources reporting on the release further confirms that it is coming, although the developers have managed to keep it hush-hush till now. That’s pretty witty for a long-running series.

Earlier in E3 2018, Todd Howard of Bethesda joked about re-releasing of Scrolls V: Skyrim, and that’s unlikely to happen. Afterwards, the Elder Scrolls Blades for mobile was released. The developers said that it would offer a pure Elder Scrolls experience for mobile.

Don’t forget to check back with us for further details on these games.