Shop directly on items inside Instagram Story with click-to-shop feature

Instagram Shopping

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Instagram will now let people shop directly from its Stories, a new way for people to buy to what they see. Starting from Tuesday many retailers like Adidas, Aritzia and The Kooples can avail the new feature by tagging and be linking to their products directly. Instagram users can directly buy the items without leaving the app.

It becomes much more interesting for users to shop directly when they see an item on the video. The day is not far when users can actually buy items directly from the links to what they see as their actors or social media stars wearing or using a certain product in a show on Instagram.


The buy link is free for the companies to use but if customers show positive responses to it then they might get marketers to move their money to the platform. This new Instagram click-to-shop feature can buzz more customers than a TV commercial. This feature could easily reach out to those audiences who rarely watch TV.

The new Instagram Shopping feature is just available for businesses and not individual sellers or consumers trying to get affiliate payments. The feature also does not allow targeting to specific audiences, where users who see the shopping-link actually need to follow the company on Instagram.

Source: Instagram

Shop directly on items inside Instagram Story with click-to-shop feature