In a recent development, Apple has come up with an expansive new ad campaign, which narrates real-life stories of 12 individuals who have utilized the Mac to solve tight situations, problems, create wonders and music that will be showcased on television across the world during the 2018 FIFA World Cup as well online.

Titled as “Behind the Mac”, the goal is to showcase and highlight how users continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation with the help of Mac platform. With the aim to motivate more people in the market, the campaign is directed to inspire the crowd through the eyes of artists, developers and many others who use the Mac in their specific fields to create new marvels.

For instance, one story features the entrepreneur Peter Kariuki who is famous for his development of an app that aims to reduce traffic deaths in Rwanda. Kariuki is the founder of SafeMotos, which works to ensure “Africans do not have to choose between affordability and safety for their transport.”

They have also approached the popular musician Grimes to feature in the video as a part of the campaign. The musician relies heavily on the Mac and accompanying software to develop and produce almost all of her songs.

Another story being narrated in “Behind the Mac” campaign is that of Bruce Hall. Hall is a legally blind photographer, a teacher, and a disability advocate and lives in Santa Ana, California. He is internationally acclaimed for his photography and even has a permanent collection in the Library of Congress. He too tasks his day to day works and cataloging his photos with the help of Mac.

Having its own dedicated webpage on, the company has set its eyes on maximum viewership. The campaign even includes a 1-minute spot that airs during the FIFA world cup, as well as social and display ads.

Apple is leaving no stone unturned to make it one of the largest Mac ads in the recent years. While many of the other ads are directed at pushing the iPad and iPhone into the spotlight, this ad focuses on the Mac and how it helped create a better life for many people across the globe since 1984.

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup fever going around the globe, this campaign focuses the new Mac ad. In a recent announcement earlier this week, the company has promised to release new skills for Siri ahead of the World Cup, as well as curated content for Apple News, Podcasts, and more. As a bonus gift, it has also rolled out a new support for sports in its TV app for users in Canada just in time for the world cup.