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Microsoft and WhatsApp partner together building on a new UWP app for Windows 10

Jun 15, 2018, 4:45 pm

A listing done by a Microsoft designer showcases off concepts of a WhatsApp design for Windows 10 with both a large and a small screen concept, it appears that Microsoft may be working intimately in bringing its Silverlight app to UWP with WhatsApp, along with updating its UI with a refreshed interface that features Fluent Design.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone continues to receive frequent updates from its developer on Windows 10 Mobile. The App itself is based on Silverlight means the app isn’t a Universal Windows Platform app (UWP,) which suggests us that such app doesn’t run across all the different Windows 10 platforms and devices available across. This indicates that rumored Andromeda device that happened won’t run on it too.

Having a device like Andromeda, WhatsApp is a must-have app and it appears to be working with Microsoft in bringing its Silverlight app to UWP, along with updating its UI with a refreshed interface that features Fluent Design.
Microsoft’s hired designer had the concept art in his mind, who apparently appears to be working on the project. Not much of the project was revealed rather than what the app may look like which hints us a partnership between Microsoft and WhatsApp.

The project describes that Microsoft and WhatsApp are working closely together in updating WhatsApp for the Universal Windows Platform, which will enable it to run across different Windows 10 devices universally. It would be a real deal if Microsoft announces a WhatsApp UWP app for Windows 10 later this year that will work across a wide range of Windows 10 devices, counting Andromeda.

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