Google Maps has ushered in a new change in its mobile apps in the form of refusing users the ability to book an Uber directly from the app.

In the previous versions of the app, users could find their location on the Google Maps, check prices, and directly book an Uber from the said app without having to access the Uber mobile app. However, according to the latest update, Google has informed its users that while they shall still be able to locate themselves on the Google Maps, they would have to access the Uber app to book a cab. This not only takes away from users the ability to avoid the Uber app altogether, known for its aggressive location tracking; it also increases the hassle by dividing the load of booking a cab between two different apps. On the other hand, it does increase the download of the Uber app, thus benefitting its business.

While Google had made a huge fuss over Maps’ ability to book a cab directly when the feature was launched in January 2017; the removal of the same has not been given the required publicity; with the Uber integration being pulled from Google Maps for iOS last summer; and its removal from Android has simply been announced as “you can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps,” on one of Google Maps’ help pages. While it has not yet been confirmed if the decision behind the move was made by Google or Uber; for the time being, users shall have to access the Uber app in order to book cabs.