Apple will be paying AU$9 million in penalties, as issued by the Australian Federal Court, for being accused of misleading the iOS users in the country.

According to the case, the users of iPhones and iPads came across error 53 that blocked their devices after updating iOS. This case was initiated by ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) in April 2017.

Apple previously said that the devices being repaired by third-party stores are not eligible to receive the support from the tech giant. This has been said to the Australian users via the company’s American website, staffers of Apple Australia stores, and customer service calls.

The conveyed message has reached the concerned users in a misleading manner. Users were led to believe that there would be no remedy for their phones as they have used a third-party repairer. Whereas, ACCC points out that it is the right of the consumers to receive remedy given their obtained product is faulty.

All said and done, Apple did come forward to compensate about 5,000 users. Additionally, it offered training to staffs for handling warranty cases and ACL compliances, which will be supervised by the court.

Apple also said that it will soon update policies on its website, and will provide replacements for the iPhones and iPads that went through major failure. New devices will come to the users rather than refurbished ones.

While this seems to have settled the matter, the tech giant in the last month has gone through similar complaints in neighbors New Zealand as well. After bringing the hyped pack of new features and improvements via its latest iOS update, Apple is again facing issues from users. We do hope things get sorted out soon for the company and its fans.