Facebook’s free resources, helping small businesses build customers’ privacy

Facebook Partners HackerOne

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Announcements from the Facebook’s newsroom reveals its two new partnerships designed to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) and developers build privacy into their services. Facebook has partnered with TeachPrivacy and HackerOne to train small and medium businesses on certain things they need to know about customer data protection.

It has become much easier to develop an app with a great idea for a new company but it seems like, those small and medium business owners and developers go through certain troubles. Over the past years, there have been numerous questions raised by the SMBs regarding the privacy, especially ahead of new regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Facebook with its new announcement for SMBs hopes to help by giving them a basic overview of what they need to think about. In the U.S., they have partnered with George Washington University Law School Professor Daniel Solove and his privacy and security training company, TeachPrivacy, to bring privacy training to small businesses that will be held in Baltimore, San Diego, Palo, New Orleans, Alto and Edison, New Jersey.

The social media giant has also partnered with security consultancy HackerOne to instruct mobile startup developers via the FbStart program. This will help the developers to focus on getting mobile apps secure and helping them stay that way as they grow.

HackerOne will launch a guide later this year to help developers build security and data protection into their apps from the very beginning. – Rob Sherman, Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook

These partnerships are the first of several steps Facebook will be taking over the coming months to help educate people about privacy, it also promises to continue building its educational efforts around data privacy in the coming months.

Facebook’s free resources, helping small businesses build customers’ privacy