Microsoft is launching its Xbox Avatar Editor app to diversify the library of Avatars

Jun 19, 2018, 9:30 am

Aniruddha P.

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Microsoft brought the avatars for the first time in its Xbox Live for 360 about 10 years ago. Today, June 19 saw the company launching its new app Xbox Avatar Editor that provides the chance for users to expand their respective library like never before.

By 8 pm UK time today, the company will launch the app, which is still in beta. It brings a broad range of body types and gender-neutral clothing for new and improved avatars. New elements include moods, makeup, fingernails, nose rings, and limbs.

Furthermore, each of the features supports more than 16 million color options. Most of the available closet items have support for multiple color options as well. According to the company, the number of probable color combos for one item can go up to eighty octillion!

That’s 27 zeroes following 1, a 28-digit number! Welcome to the universe of avatars in Xbox 360 Live!

Additional features of the app include a photobooth that enables users to take a snap of your avatar for using it as your gamerpic. Also, you get to have numerous emotes, and each of those can be paused, as well as advanced frame-by-frame, for you to get the pose you want to portray.

The newness does not shy away from the original avatars of Xbox. Only that you get to have your hands dipped in the sack of umpteen collection of colors and avatars.

Microsoft has added that more props, accessories, moods, clothing, and even appearance categories are coming in soon. As for Xbox Insiders, Xbox dashboard integration will be made live in the coming future, the tech firm says.

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