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NASA’s Curiosity comes closer to uncover mysteries of Martian dust storms, amid harms

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Mars Dust Storm
Mars is currently covered all over due to a huge dust storm, and NASA even has one of its rovers named Opportunity unable to operate. But none of that takes away the opportunity for our science to uncover mysteries of the red planet, as the other rover named Curiosity is still in works. Rover Opportunity is solar-powered and is not receiving any sunlight as the layers of dust had managed to block all of it. Also, the robot is in a storm-affected location on the planet. Whereas, rover Curiosity is nuclear-powered and is still up and running. Presently working in low-light, it is said to have recorded the highest light-blocking dust so far. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA first spotted the storm on June 1. By the first week it took the size of North America, then ‘quickly doubled in size’, and eventually continued growing. NASA released a report yesterday describing the storm to be ‘planet-encircling’, like a global Mars dust storm. Dust Storm on MarsMonster storms like this came to the planet beforehand, in 2001 and 2007. As for the 2018 version, NASA has faith on Curiosity to comprehend more about these storms. Mars has very fine dust particles and relatively light winds as compared to earth. Also, the red planet lacks in the system of nature on our planet, some of which stand out to keep storms from being spread globally. This proves the intensity of the storms in mars, and Curiosity seems good enough to quench ours, to carry out further investigations, as NASA says.

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