Transformational journey from digital to mobile marketing: Microsoft, InMobi partnership

Microsoft Partners InMobi

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Microsoft on today, June 26 has strategically partnered India-based InMobi who globally provides enterprise platforms to marketers. The partnership aims to empower today’s marketers as they step into the space of mobile marketing.

According to the agreements, InMobi will move to Microsoft Azure as the cloud platform. Along with technology collaboration, the company will work with Microsoft on combined go-to-market strategies for accelerating approaches of today’s marketers in advertising.

The partnership will also benefit InMobi in expansion via providing InMobi Marketing Cloud to the marketers. Via this cloud, marketers will get to have a 360-degree view of each customer. This will further lead them to gain more insights on requirements and consuming capabilities of the customers.

InMobi’s shift to Azure will get it to derive the most out the cloud’s intelligence capabilities, and it will have its hands on a global scale, reaching a greater number of users than any other cloud can arrange for. The shift will occur in phases.


The companies are going through further possibilities. One such is to combine Microsoft Dynamics 365 and InMobi’s Marketing and Advertising clouds. This combo will be based on the infrastructure of Azure, bringing AI, machine learning, and analytics on board. Close cooperations will see the duo offering these integrated solutions to the global client base of Microsoft, preferably in AI and blockchain capabilities.

With Microsoft’s global reach and advanced security, privacy and compliance, alongside InMobi’s scale and decade-long experience in mobile-first technology, we can truly disrupt the marketing ecosystem. Together, Microsoft and InMobi will create a formidable force in the industry. – Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO of InMobi

Echoing the same, Anant Maheshwari, the President of Microsoft India was quoted saying: “Our cross-platform technology leadership, Azure’s hyper-scale, and distinctive worldwide go-to-market capabilities will enable rapid scaling of new growth pivots to fuel InMobi’s global ambitions.”

The Marketing Cloud of InMobi will be launched in phases across the world over the period of next six months. The rollout is expected to start with USA, Australia, certain parts of Asia, and will later come to China.

Source: Microsoft

Transformational journey from digital to mobile marketing: Microsoft, InMobi partnership