Pokemon Go gets three new features for the trainers who are in Level 10 or higher

Jun 26, 2018, 7:00 am

Aniruddha P.

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Niantic on last week has released three new features in Pokemon Go for the trainers. These features may have mixed feedback from the game lovers.

One newness is regarding the gifts from the PokeStops, and these have been nerfed. The Pokemon Go gifts will now have rarer items than before in the normal PokeStop gift pool. Additionally, the player will be rewarded with a chance to obtain a 7KM egg that’ll hatch to reveal an Alolan Pokemon.

This means that gamers will have to work harder to get the same number of items from now onwards. There’s also a good side of the newness, as new tasks and rewards are coming within July.

Accordingly, Niantic confirmed that new Field Research tasks are to go live in Pokemon Go starting at 20:00 UTC, July 1. A tweet from the official profile of the game says that the tasks in July will bring familiar Pokemon from the Kanto region.

We are yet to know more about these new features including what kind of rewards are coming.

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