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Gear S4 smartwatch from Samsung receives certification

Author at TechGenyz Wear
Samsung Gear S4 IFA 2018
Samsung has a number of new smartwatches in the pipeline, including the high-end Gear S4. This smartwatch will follow Samsung's flagship, the Gear S3. We just discovered that the S4 has received a certificate from the Russian inspection agency the EEC. Now that the smart watch has received several certifications, an official release will not take much longer.

Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch

The new LTE smartwatch has type number SM-R800 / SM-R805, as Sammobile already reported two months ago. Last week the new smartwatch received the WiFi certificate. Recently the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) has also issued the required certificate for three variants; the Samsung SM-R800 / SM-R810 and SM-R815. As with the Gear S3, two variants will appear, a Classic and a Frontier. The SM-R810 (WiFi) and the SM-R815 (LTE) seem to be the classic variants, while the SM-R800 (WiFi) and SM-R805 (LTE) are the sporting editions. Earlier this month there was information online about the available colors. The Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch would appear in three colors; silver, gold and black. In March of this year, Samsung released Limited Edition smartwatches from the Gear S3 . These luxurious editions have an exclusive steel band. Now it seems time for a real update, the Gear S3 is already two years old. The smart watch was introduced at IFA 2016.

Samsung smartwatch with Bixby assistant

About the specifications of Samsung's new Gear smartwatch is still a lot unclear. It is generally assumed that the smart watch will again run on Tizen OS from Samsung itself, and not on the Android OS, as several hoped. You may also assume that the Gear S4 becomes dust and water resistant, just as with the S3. Samsung Gear S4 Bixby AssistantSo far little news, it is now two years ago that the Gear S3 was introduced and so it is expected that a lot of improvements have been implemented. For example, it seems plausible that the new Samsung smartwatch will have the Bixby speech assistant. The current smartwatch only has S Voice. It is also obvious that the operating method is further improved and that the battery capacity increases.


[mnky_related_posts num="2"] We have come across various interesting patents from Samsung Gear smartwatches in the past period . Including a smartwatch with a flexible battery in the watchband and a variant with a sub-display, on the side of the watch case. Whether we can expect such innovations in the Gear S4 is as yet unknown.

Gear S4 release during IFA 2018

Now that the Samsung Gear S4 has passed several inspection agencies, it seems at least plausible that the new high-end smartphone will make its entrance at IFA 2018. This exhibition starts on August 31, 2018 in Berlin. Yesterday Samsung announced to organize a Galaxy Unpacked Event on August 9, 2018, here the new Galaxy Note 9 is expected. It is possible that Samsung will introduce the Gear S4 simultaneously, but it is more likely that the company will opt for a separate press conference at the IFA. Around that time, two new high-end tablets are expected, the successor of the Galaxy Book Windows 2-1 tablet and the Gear Tab S4 Android tablet. The successor of the Galaxy Book tablet PC is also certified by the EEC on the same day as the Gear S4. The Gear S3 Frontier and Classic cost € 400 during the introduction. Obviously, the S4 will not be cheaper at any rate. You can probably buy the Gear S4 around October 2018. The certificate of the EEC can be viewed here.
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